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Thanks for your trust in Inkbird. If you can't find the items you want, please visit our main site, thank you.
Thanks for your trust in Inkbird. If you can't find the items you want, please visit our main site, thank you.

Equips with a world-leading Swiss sensor Sensirion with high accuracy and every 2 seconds for data refreshing. MORE PRECISE, MORE STABLE & MORE RELIABLE

IBS-TH5 Versatile Monitor For Our Cozy Life This high-end temperature & humidity monitor brings a full range of experiences to enjoy a comfortable home life.
Monitoring Indoor Temperature and Humidity Real-time ambient temperature: 0-50℃ (32℉-122℉); Real-time relative humidity: 0-99% RH;
Synchronize Local Weather Info & Forecast In Time Synchronize the weather data in time from local weather sites after the WiFi connection.
-Click the top button once to see the next day's weather forecast for 5 seconds; -The weather data is updated every 10 minutes.
Environmental Comfort Level Indication
dry level: <30%; comfortable level: 30%-60%, 20-26℃(68-78.8℉); wet level: >60%;
When the humidity is 30-60%, but the temperature is not 20-26℃ (68-78.8℉), the indication will go to no color.
Time Information Clock, date, day of the week will be displayed after the WiFi connection.
Influenza Virus Survival Risk Assessment Assessed by the monitoring data of humidity & temperature and the data of standard atmospheric pressure, the drier and colder the environment, the higher the risk level. Display with Safe Level, Moderate Risk, and High Risk.
WiFi Connection For Cozy Life Real-time weather, time information(clock/date/week of the day).
2.4GHz Wi-Fi
3.71 Inches Large Electronic INK Display
High resolution
Ultra-wide viewing angle
Easy to read eye-friendly
Reasonable layout
Built-in & Rechargeable Lithium Battery
2000mAh Built-in lithium battery
12mths A full charge lasts
60mins Data upload interval
View all upgrading data of temperature, humidity, environment assessment and time; Receive instant temperature, humidity, and environment alarm notifications; Up to 2 years of data stored in the cloud and support exporting.

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