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Waterproof Heating Pad INK-HM20W

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Inkbird Seedling Heat Mat is designed with waterproof construction and safe for use seedling, reptile keeping, brewing, with stronger heating wire and thicker multi-layer construction offer more uniform heating and the durability to withstand rugged environments.


  1. Place the heating mat on a well drained surface(without standing water).
  2. Place the mat on an insulated surface instead of a cold floor will increase the mat temperature and covering the plant tray with a humidity cover or dome will help increase the temperature of the root area and maintain the humidity of the roots.
  3. Plug the mat into a 120 volt power source.
  4. When the ambient temperature is 68 ℉, the surface temperature of the heating mat can be heated to 104℉ after 30 minutes of working, which is ideal for the seedling tray.


  • Model: XHC F042
  • Item No: INK-HM20W
  • Specification: 120VAC 60Hz 20Watts
  • Size: 10.43*2.24*2.24"
  • Power Cord Length: 5.9Ft
  • Weight: 0.81bl


  1. Fire or electric shock may result from improper use.
  2. Please keep the heating mat away from sharps.
  3. Do not place the mat inside the tray or cover it directly with soil or growing medium.
  4. Do not place any heat insulting materials over the heating mat, as it may cause it to overheat.
  5. Do not immerse in water.