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Thanks for your trust in Inkbird. If you can't find the items you want, please visit our main site, thank you.
Thanks for your trust in Inkbird. If you can't find the items you want, please visit our main site, thank you.

Instant Read Foldable Food Thermometer BG-HH2P

Original price €20,99 - Original price €25,99
Original price
€20,99 - €25,99
Current price €25,99
Size: BG-HH2P with 2 probes
Ship From: Factory In China
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Foldable Probe & 2 Detachable Long Probes: The food thermometer supports a max of 3 probes simultaneously and monitors 3 kinds of food simultaneously. The 59” long stainless steel mesh cables are heat resistant, allow users to safely measure the temp of food in the oven while cooking, ideal to use in combination with ovens, smokers, and stoves.

Ultra-Fast & Accurate: Only takes 2 seconds to get a readout, -58°F~572°F(-50℃~300℃) wide measurement range, ±0.5℃/±1.0℉ high accuracy, covers almost all cooking requirements. The LCD screen displays the values clearly even at night with the backlight, reduces the possibility of misreading.

Multiple settings: Supports ℉/℃ switch, calibration, alarm setting, backlight setting, probe setting, and screen lock, even the lighting time of the backlight and the volume of the alarm sound can be set according to your needs, what’s more, each probe can be set separately.

Auto On/Off: Pull out the foldable probe, then the thermometer will be turned on automatically, fold it back, the thermometer will be shut off. Without an external probe inserted, the thermometer will turn off 3 minutes later if there’s no operation and the temperature stays the same for 3 minutes, it will auto-restart if a sudden temperature change is detected. Besides, you can turn on/off the thermometer by pressing the power button.

Convenient Design: Splash proof, you can easily clean the thermometer with a wet cloth when it is covered with dirt; Strong magnetic back and hook, make storage easy, you can hang it somewhere with a nail or just attach it to metal surfaces of the home appliance; Powered by 2 AAA batteries, which can be found in almost everywhere in the world, users will no longer need to worry about the battery model.

  • Independent Temperature Calibration for Each Channel
  • Lock Function
  • Alarm Function
  • Backlight & LCD Display
  • Auto On/Off


  • BG-HH2P Digital Food Thermometer*1
  • External Probe*2
  • Mini Screwdriver*1
  • AAA Battery*1

SET: Hold the button for 2 seconds to enter into menu setup mode, then press the button once again to select a function in the menu. Hold the button for 2 seconds to save the settings and exit setup.

POWER: In the normal working state, hold the button for 2 seconds to turn off the thermometer; In the shut-down state, press the button to turn on the thermometer; In menu setup mode, press the button to adjust parameters and hold the button to adjust the parameter quickly.

HOLD: In normal mode, press the button to lock or unlock the current temperature reading on the screen. Hold the button for 3 seconds to switch the display of different probes. In menu setup mode, press the button to adjust the parameters; hold the button to adjust the parameters quickly.


  • The probe and wire must not touch the flame.
  • Insert the probes into the thickest part of the meat, while avoiding bones and fat. If the temperature readings of the probes are too high or rise too fast, remove the probes from the meat.
  • Clean and dry the probe after each use.
  • Do not touch the probe or wire with your hands after use to avoid burns or punctures, wear gloves when cleaning and using the probe.
  • Can be used on rainy days, but should not be soaked in water or rinsed with water.
  • Do not wash the plug of the probe to avoid bad contact between the plug and the jack.
  • Do not place the thermometer close to the fire source to prevent the burning of the equipment.
  • The temperature when using the probe should not exceed the specified temperature range: -50.0℃~300℃(-58.0℉~572℉).
  • The probe should be kept away from children.
  • Children 12 years and younger should use this product under the guidance of their parents.